Posted 1w ago by @fairyofthevalley

Save the prayer plant
Just got this poor prayer plant from a friend who tried his best but couldn't figure out how to save it. I transplanted it and watered it. seemed pretty dry and root bound. Is there any chance it can bounce back? Any tips?
Oh, also, I know it's "a prayer plant" but if anyone can tell me what kind specifically, I would super appreciate it!
Give us a picture in like 3 hours and I'll be able to tell you better
Poor baby πŸ™πŸ»
@fairyofthevalley @RJG I believe from the pic it's a Calathea Makoyana "peacock plant". When mine started to curl in was because of low humidity.
I hope it can be saved.
How it looks today. The green colors seem a little darker but I don't know if anything else is different.

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