Posted 3w ago by @DiligentAnise

I have a New orchid but a leaf have black/brown spots

1ft to light, direct
4โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
@DiligentAnise it looks like a fungal or bacterial disease. Best thing to do is to treat it with copper fungicide and prune off any infected areas.
I agree, the yellow around the black spots points in that direction. I would however hold off pruning and first monitor (very closely) if it progresses. Only if it does, I would protect the other leaves and prune with a sterilized tool and afterwards seal with cinnamon. If it doesn't, the orchid can keep the leaf, which is always preferable. Some of the spots (without the yellow) can also just come frome cold water touching the leaf and shocking it, though that is more common with other types of orchid, as far as I know. Even the spots with the yellow halo can be something the orchid successfully fights/ fought. In that case it would just be a shame to lose the leaf after all her hard work.
Mine had the spots on a leaf because it was left wet too long. It never progressed to any other part of the leaf or any part of the plant.
Don't prune it. It still looks good enough. Preferably, wash and dry the leaves front and back and treat with a proper pesticide.