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Her leaves are droopy and soft
#ZebraPlant I had her next to a window but under a vent. Is it the air? Repotted a lil over a week ago. 😒
4ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago

How often should I water my Alocasia Zebrina? It's time to water the Alocasia Zebrina when the leaves start to droop down. This is a sign that the stems aren't full of water anymore. When the stems are full, the leaves will be raised again.

Yellowing leaves/droopy stems: Overwatering is the leading cause of houseplant expiration in most homes. Yellowing leaves, especially near the soil, is the first sign of a plant that is being overwatered, another indication of over-saturated soil in the Zebrina is if the stems begin to droop.

What is your watering schedule? Plus it could still be going thru transplant shock.
@KikiGoldblatt I’ve only watered her once since purchasing two weeks ago!
@sarahsalith @Kiersten what do you guys think?
So seriously- this plant needs to be at 70Β°. Bright, indirect sun and 70Β°.

I wondered why I always had problems with this plant and then I stumbled upon this article.

This plant is number 3. I believe it.

I keep my soil slightly moist. If I want to long to water it, the plant droops.

I'm consistently removing dead leaves. I'll have to move this plant to another room this summer because it will be too hot in this window.

I hope the article helps you. (:

Thanks, @KikiGoldblatt
I watered her and she rose like the sun! And I don’t like a cold house… 69 is the lowest I set my air lol
When mine gets droopy like that I just pop her in some water and she rises back up! That’s how I know she’s ready to be watered!
I have the same plant and she’s sooooooo finicky

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