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My Echeveria is quite healthy but the coloring has change...

#HappyPlants I had this Lipstick Echeveria for almost nine months and it had drastically changed from when I first bought it. I haven’t changed the soil at all, but it didn’t really affect its health.
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
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Yes, agreed! Plants can “sun stress” which causes the change in the leaf color. Succulents are used to a lot of direct light and adapted to do this to protect themselves from damage from the sun. It’s essentially a little plant tan! Giving it a lot more direct light or a very bright grow light will help it to get its color back if that is what you are looking for. The change in color isn’t bad for the plant, it has just adjusted to a lower light and doesn’t need the extra protection at the moment, so it has become more green. 💚🌵Just throw a lot of light at it and make it think it’s on vacation in Cabo and it’ll tan up in no time! 😉 Adjusting it more gradually rather than shocking it with light all at once will help it as well. @RoseApples
Usually the more bright sunlight the plants get, the more color you’ll see!
I agree with @itsjordan This is echeveria (a different one) that's getting 11h of full sun. Yours will look similar in late Spring, early Summer.
Is that water on the leaves? I would reccomend watering it at the soil. I use a syringe.
Also, it may need to be moved to a south facing window. North facing windows don’t get much light.