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I think she’s struggling and I’m not sure what to do with her to make her happy. Help! Also I have some cuttings that I propagated, are they ready to plant? What do I do next?! (1st time plant momma)
5ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
For the cutting I would wait till they have multiple 1-2inch roots. Leave them in water for another week or two to let them establish plenty of roots. Once they do put them in soil and keep it really moist at first since they are use to water. Then you can taper back to the normal watering schedule
@Mappylikehappy thank you for the advice! This might sound silly, but the root is the little green shooting coming off them, what is the long brownish colored growth? They’re so long!
The long, brown/white is the root. The green coming off the sides is a new leaf.
The little green shoot looks like a new leaf. Mine developed one large thick root and then from that root small thin roots. I don’t know as to the change of color maybe someone with more experience might know
As for your mother plant, the plant card says it has no drainage. Get it in a new pot with drainage and check the roots for rot while you're at it. Pothos like to dry out between waterings and it's really hard for them to do that without drainage...

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