Posted 2w ago by @arc66

My Persian Shield was doing just fine until yesterday. Inside plant. Almost doubled in size, no change in water schedule and it’s been under a grow light since I got it. I’m at a loss here. Need advice. Thanks.
I’m still very much a beginner but if light and water are properly accounted for then I would assume disease.
Is that a Persian Shield?? It looks so green. My guess is it's not getting enough light. Mine sits in a west window.
@sarahsalith yes it is. Maybe I should put it outside for a few days.
I've never seen one so green. I would recommend putting it in a window before putting it directly outside.
@sarahsalith it is by a window. Maybe increasing the amount of time under a grow light would help?
For this plant, I think real light is best. Do you have a spot you could put it outside that won't get burned? Maybe something with lots of shade?
@sarahsalith I do. Will try that. Thanks.

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