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My plan is not growing much every time it’s getting new leaves dies what should I do in my doing something wrong is getting new leaves but they’re not getting bigger that’s supposed to be
4” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
@user7fe39db6 let’s see if @jcPlantProper has any ideas. She’s great with rehabs.
How do the leaves die? Do they yellow and fall off or do they brown, shrivel up, and die?
More info would be helpful! Where is the plant in the home? Does it get direct light? Or bright indirect ? Also plants ALWAYS need drainage.
@EvLikesPlants They just don’t grow as big they don’t die they just don’t grow as big and then they die
@jcPlantProper right now I have a Near a grow light with another plant
It’s actually a money tree somehow the leaves are not getting big like the other peoples i see is there something I did wrong or certain way to take care of it The leaves are growing but they’re not getting any bigger they grow and then they die but they don’t get any bigger
I think it could be an issue of no drainage and maybe too much light? Mine does better in the shade. I water maybe once a week, usually when the top part of the soil feels dry, but if it feels damp I’ll skip. I think humidity helps it too.
I think I am not much help from here as I used to have a money tree, but it was quickly torn up by my dog (the dog is fine) leaving me with not much knowledge of the plant.
@goblinbabe Put in the shade outside or inside

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