Posted 2M ago by @PeachyBlossom

Need some syngonium advice!

#Syngonium My pink syngonium has a new furled leaf that’s really struggling to unfurl, and a yellowing leaf off to the side. Usually when it hits this stage of growth, I start to see a lot of stagnation and am not sure how to get it to thrive and grow better. Does it need repotting? A larger pot? Any other advice? I have no clue how people get theirs to be so bushy and full!
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Based on what I can see from your plant photo, it doesn’t look like it needs a bigger pot. How often are you watering it?
@YammieOf3 I usually water every week to two weeks depending on if the soil is dry or not. I did check on it today and saw some standing water in the water dish from the last water on the 22nd so I poured that out. Possibly overwatering?
@PeachyBlossom could be
@YammieOf3 will it start unfurling and growing again if I lay off on the water? Is that what’s stopping the leaf from unfurling?
@PeachyBlossom are you testing the moisture level of the soil before watering it?
@YammieOf3 ah no I’m not, I usually lift the big river rocks up and check the soil from there, but sometimes I forego that and just water anyway if Greg says to πŸ˜…
Do you use plant food and or fertilizer?