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Can anyone tell me which pothos this is?
I’m pretty sure it’s and NJoy or Glacier but I’m not 100 percent sure it was given to me… #Pothos #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict
I was leaning towards a Njoy but I don’t know 🤦🏻‍♀️😅
I hope these picture comparisons help! In your first picture, it almost looks like some silvery-green splotches, which made me think of Glacier. I don’t think it is N Joy (see the picture comparison), but I am also considering Pearls and Jade as well after looking at the foliage in all of your photos. If you don’t see any silvery-green looking up close, then it is Pearls and Jade.

I believe this is a Pearls and Jade Pothos plant!
I second @lazyplantparent on the pearls and jade

Your first plant looks like a pearls and jade and the second one looks like a manjula potho.
I'm voting glacier lol.

I have a Pearl's and jade and and n joy and manjula and none of mines look like the beauty you have!! Yours has more green and variegated green than any of mines..

Whatever it turns out to be its very very beautiful!
I second glacier.
The first photo is glacier.
Second is n joy and glacier.
Third is pothos and jade and glacier.
Forth is Manjula and glacier.
@lazyplantparent my sister also said it could be pearls and jade… From all the pictures I saw it didn’t look like that lolz but it does look like it in that picture…
@KikiGoldblatt it’s the same plant but I have a manjula and it doesn’t really look like the manjula side by side…
@ManyLime thank you lolz I have a manjula and I put them done by side and they do not look anything alike lolz…
@Twizz13r69 Right. I think your plant is glacier. The pictures I posted were to show the glacier pothos next to the other varieties that were mentioned in the comments.
@Kace I figured that out lolz I was just confused I thought I deleted the comment…

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