Posted 10M ago by @KuromiPlants

My plant is dry even tho I’ve been watering on schedule i...

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 10 months ago
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Hello Sarah! It definitely seems as if the sun is frying it - I would recommend moving it to a place that gets sun in the morning and evening so that it's not getting cooked in the sun. It'll come back with a little time 😁
Looks crowded to me?
@MadforPlants thank you I’m new I just got all these babies !
@ZealTamarack thank you any repotting techniques for a new plant mom?
When you re-pot just go one size bigger, and I like miracle grow potting soil. Make sure some rocks or broken pots are in the bottom of the pot to give it better drainage so it doesn’t sit in water and a hole in the bottom is always good.
@ZealTamarack thank you !