Posted 1Y ago by @RichlyGarlic

Hi, I am struggling keeping the leaves without going yell...

0ft to light, indirect
7โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
does the pot have drainage? it says it doesnโ€™t in the profile, thatโ€™s probably why the leaves were yellowing, especially if it was the lower leaves that were doing that. it might be best to repot into something with drainage and cut off any rotted/mushy roots while youโ€™re at it :)
These donโ€™t need to be watered often! Make sure it doesnโ€™t sit in water like the other plant. Water when itโ€™s alll the way dry
@JCPlantProper is right they donโ€™t like sitting in water. I had one but it couldnโ€™t keep it happy. It also likes humidity. I lost mine during the summer months here this year.
Thank you all. The pot has drainage but it is sitting in another ceramic pot. I can leave it out for some time and see if gets better.
Youโ€™re getting very good advice from some of Gregโ€™s best experts. This plant is VERY sensitive to fluoride water. So alway water with purified or filtered water. This time of year, plants get less light, so they require less water. I use Sustee moisture sensor and I follow Gregโ€™s recommendation. I hope your plant will have a speedy recovery.