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Nice and shiny, large leaves. Growing fast. Have been get...

2ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
I'm not sure if the pic of peaf shows
Very interesting moss pole. Did you make it. @Culgharper That is a really nice plant. The leaf looks like it is sunburned. Is it the only one like that?
@Culgharper Hello Linda!

Crispy brown leaves

If your Monstera Peru leaves are crispy and light brown, it is most likely because the plant isn’t receiving enough water.

To determine if a plant is underwatered, check the soil with your finger or measure the moisture level with a soil meter. If it’s dry, give it heavy watering and let the water drain out of the pot.

Remember, remove the damaged leaves to allow healthy leaves to receive more water and nutrients.
Remove that sad leaf. Use a water meter to assist you in watering correctly. Don’t forget to water the moss pole too.
They make bendable moss poles. You can make any shape you want. I’m happy with these
@Stall54Jo Amazon has all different sizes and coverings.

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Was that the only leaf? It's normal to loose a leaf when the plant goes dormant. If it isn't the only leaf it could a be watering issue, if it's crispy it's underwater and if it's soft its due to over watering.