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Tips turning brown?
Hi everyone! I was gifted this peace lily by a friend who is moving. I noticed a lot of the tips are yellow/brown. I think it’s a few years old. Soil seems a tad too wet but I don’t have any experience with peace lilys. I figured I’d let it dry out some and maybe trim some leaves? Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
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Usually the reason for brown tips on peace lily leaves is because of low humidity. Peace lilies are tropical place adapted to living in high humidity. Dry air indoors, saps the moisture from the leaves and causes the tips to turn brown.

Whilst low humidity is the most common reason for peace lilies developing brown leaf tips, the brown tips are the peace lilies sign of stress that can be for a variety of reasons such as underwatering, sun burn, too much fertilizer and chemicals in tap water.

To save your peace lily with brown tips, recreate the conditions of the peace lily’s native environment by misting the leaves to increase humidity, maintain a daytime temperature range of 68°F and 85 °F, wait until the surface of the soil is dry, before watering thoroughly and trim the brown tips off with a sharp pair of pruners.
Inconsistent watering will do this! If you wait too long to water these guys they will definitely let you know!

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