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Where it started and where it’s at now… this is the only ...

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2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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@PlantTherapy if your mix isn’t pre bagged i think using at least 50% perlite would be good! and if the roots are fine it may be lack of light- these guys are fine with direct sun, in fact they like it and can develop a pretty red color if it’s bright enough :)
they look overwatered- it says your pot doesn’t have drainage. if that’s the case they’ve probably been overwatered (hence the translucent lower leaves) and have root rot :( idk if you can ‘behead’ and prop this particular species but i recommend looking it up, bc that’s probably the best way to save this plant now. all the best!
also for any of your future succulents id recommend getting a grittier/sandier soil, the one that this guy is in seems very moisture retaining and succulents don’t like that
@strawberrymoon that’s the thing, I barely watered it bc I thought I was overwatering it at first ugh :( Thats kind of a bad pic, the leaves aren’t translucent they’re just flimsy and pink.
@PlantTherapy oh I also have it in a mixture of worm Casing organic compost, tropical soil and Perlite. I’m going to put it in a draining pot, it broke as I was repotting:( I just repotted It tonight and the roots are very small but hearty and thick.
@strawberrymoon woo hoo okay! Thank you!
Yeah what she said lol. My succulents almost all have kicked the bucket. Now I’m on strike
@Juuls I had some questions on mine and these were some good answers! :)