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I live in S. California in the high desert. I put her on...

18” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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She hates that much sunlight. You can spray neem oil on the leaves and soil and put peppermint oil in her soil to get rid of the infestation. However, it will die with that much sunlight. Unless you put her somewhere outside where she gets a lot of shade.
Aphids are pretty easy to get rid of. I’d hose the foliage every day for several days in a row.
Thanks I'll try that. But can she stay on the patio, or is it only a house plant?
I’m guessing that you have not enough humidity, but I don’t really know for sure you might try a posits bigger around, but not taller and I use some wood chips around mine so I basically don’t water them all the time I water like once a week and then I do the you the chips with a little sprinkling of water just on the chips to get them moist so that they create humidity, but you kinda have to be indoor to sort of get the benefit out of that I am not certain but οΏΌ
@HumbleAmethius Hello Teresa. First I would say this plant is not for outdoor sun. More filtered light. Second I would wash off leaves with tepid water to hopefully get rid of some of the aphids but afterwards I would put neem oil spray to totally rid them. And keep quarantined until they are truly gone away. You may have to spray several times. Careful how you handle it as not to spread the aphids to your other plants. Afterwards I would repot in new soil. I hope this helps with you plant care journey! 😏
@PlantJedi peppermint oil??. In the soil. Bet that smells good
It does honestly. Makes you think about Christmas lol @Godsgreenangel