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This palm has browned out what can I do?
15ft to light, indirect
8โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
@SandyBeans the most common issues are with watering so you might want to check the moisture of the soil. Here's a guide I often recommend
Yes. Looks very dry to me. I noticed it is pretty far away from a window. It might desire closer indirect light.
I noticed there's no saucer under your plant. Does the pot have drainage? That could possibly be part of the problem if it doesn't.
I know a lil on ferns, as i got a few. They love to be moist not wet or dry. They love humidity and shaded but bright areas. Maybe getting it in a terrarium could help. Or put a small humidifier next to it. Bottomwater when its top few inches are dry with a pot that drains. My ferns are small under a grow light next to my carnivorous terrarium which gets lots of humidity from my fogger so they love it so far.
U can see them sitting behind my open terrarium
Thank you everyone!!