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Should I fertilize the water?

My snake plant was overwatered, so I cut off the mushy parts and planted in soil. After a couple weeks, the roots were dried up and the pup couldn’t support itself, so I rinsed off the dirt and put in water. I change the water nightly. After two weeks, the leaves are drooping. Should I fertilize?
3ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
No snake plants get there nutrients from changing the soil . They’re very sensitive in that way . Be patient my mom has had hers quite a while . The pups are starting but it’s a very slow process . Though it looks like your on your way . BTW welcome to Greg lots of great information here . @TheirGoToForCO2
@ILoveMyPlants oh, I just saw this. Ok, I’ll wait and make sure the roots still look ok. Thank you for the advice and the warm welcome!!