Posted 9M ago by @UnequalledOxlip

struggling succulent 😢
hey! wondering how to help my little succy, some of his leaves have shriveled closer to the base of him; i’ve repotted him today in hopes of that maybe helping and i got a grow light as well a couple of days ago. i’m just now sure what else to do for him, any suggestions??
2” pot
Last watered 7 months ago
What kind of soil did you use? They are desert plants, so while they CAN tolerate some neglect, I wouldn’t go too far in the direction. Maybe cut your watering in half.
@bbdd83 i use this soil! i haven’t watered since the 15th of this month though. do you think using a spray bottle to water would better?
@UnequalledOxlip does the soil feel dry? I would let it completely dry out and then water again.
@bbdd83 slightly dry but no completely. but i’ll try that thank you!
I’ve also found that sometimes the plants don’t like the quantity the app suggests. So I always water til it drains out. Then do it again. Wait an hour to let it fully drain and then pour out the water in the drain pan
@UnequalledOxlip it’s pretty common for the leaves at the base of an #Echerevia to die back as the plant grows, because the leaves at the top get most of the sunshine. It might mean that it’s a little bit under-watered or isn’t getting enough light.

A grow light is a good idea. The other leaves around the base look a tad shriveled too, so you might want to try watering a little bit more often (but don’t let soil stay wet).
@alex i’ll make note of that, thanks so much!!
just ran across this post, but I have had issues with miracle gro's succulent soil as it just retains too much water on its own and thus my succs end up over watered and sad. I started mixing 1:1 succ soil and straight perlite and have had much more success and way happier succs!
@tugnoot thank youuuuu! that is so helpful

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