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Rubber plant growth

How does everyone get this thing to grow leaves? Mine has been dropping at least a leaf a week since I got it last month - now being down to it's final 4. Should I just toss it and buy a new one? I repotted to a larger one at the beginning of the month and follow the watering schedule from the app, but it doesn't seem to like it.
10ft to light, indirect
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
They love bright light so 33 feet from indirect light isn’t enough. It’s possible that it is also adjusting from the repotting - were the roots coming out of the old pot before you sized up?
I definitely would be closer to the light either way. Mine are in my windowsill. @RJG any other thoughts?
Light would be where I would start @BJoyce is dead on.
@RJG @BJoyce I'm not sure why it says 33 ft from light because I use a grow light and I have it set up about 4ft from that because I'm afraid it would burn the leaves. Should I put it closer?
I would. I would also try to get it more light even still. mine live outside in Austin and are thriving. I know you can't do outside rn but even adding just a little direct sunlight would be super helpful.
I have one too and it hasn’t done anything since I got it (around 2 months ago). Are they supposed to be slow growers?
@BossChayote here is mine. The damaged leaves were there when I got him.
@BossChayote also, what would make the leaf curl? Possibly, I’m not watering it enough?
I agree with @BJoyce and @RJG get it some sunlight and see how she does! Don’t give up on her, she might just be adjusting. I brought mine back from a super droopy situation too!