Posted 1Y ago by @PlantyPlanter

Is this a new stem blooming?

After neglecting my white champion for like a week I finally refilled his water and brought him inside. And after him getting water and being inside for one day he’s already sprouting a bunch! But I was wondering what this white stuff was on the side? πŸ€” (sorry my camera does NOT want to focus) #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PropagationStation #WhatTheSuccWednesday #NewGrowth
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
@PlantyPlanter I’m not sure what it is. @sarahsalith do you know?
It's hard to tell, but as long as that isn't a pest, I'd wonder if it's actually a bloom. I think blooms will come from the ends of a stem, not necessarily a node.

Does that make sense? Usually, like with my Jasmine, there will be a bloom at the willowy end of stem ... not out of the middle.

BUT! Crazier things have happened!! Keep us posted! πŸ’š
@sarahsalith it looks like pieces of wood. I’ll get a picture when I get home because the lighting should be better. I think this one shouts flowers from the top. It didn’t look bad I was just curious. It’s weird though because the stem doesn’t feel hard or woody but those eight things look like shards of wood πŸ€”
@PlantyPlanter i'm wondering if they are roots or maybe the remains of a branch that was broken off. It's very unique, that's for sure! 😊