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My Burro’s Tail is sad, what’s wrong with him? He used to...

I think root rot got to him a while ago, so I beheaded his saveable stems, but he still looks bad. What happened was weird, his leaves started shriveling like he needed water. When he was healthy I kept trying to prop his leaves but they were stubborn and wouldn’t grow
1ft to light, direct
Last watered 3 months ago
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Picture makes him look underwatered. He probably needs more than you're currently giving him!
@LittleSongbird he’s so picky. He looked under watered two months ish ago, gave him water, root rot.
You also need to put him in a pot with drainage for this to work.
@LittleSongbird They are cuttings, so they don’t have roots except, idk if you can tell in the picture, the little leaves with sprouts coming out
@LittleSongbird he has drainage, Greg wouldn’t let me change it
Ah, I see! If they don't have roots, watering will do nothing right now unfortunately. He won't be able to drink it. So, he's stuck like that until he grows roots :(
:( Yeah, I figured…He does have some little leaves that fell and have stuff growing out of them with tiny root hairies tho
You seem to be really good with sick plant issues, can I ask about another plant?
What’s up with this guy? According to google she’s etiolated, she is a Sedum Adolphi ‘Guacamole’ according to Home Depot. Pretty sure S. Adolphi ‘Guacamole’ isn’t a thing, maybe she’s some strange hybrid
Her leaves keep shriveling up. Here’s what she looked like when I got her probably 4+ months ago. Sorry it’s a bad pic 😖 It’s my only one of what she used to look like
@SucculentGirl Aww, thanks! Sedum adolphi Guacamole is what I believe to be an Altman farms hybrid. They always make new cultivars which are harder to identify, and the more hybridized, the more finicky a plant is. She doesn't look etiolated, it's just that she lost a lot of leaves! Sometimes succs just like to do that for no reason, however I would like to know how often she's watered :)
She is not watered often, and yes she’s Altman Plants, I’ll start watering her more frequently:) she’s watered around once every two weeks but recently she has been getting very little water because I thought maybe she shouldn’t be watered in her condition
@SucculentGirl Do the leaves turn yellow before shriveling? Or do they just dry up?
She also KEEPS losing leaves. I wasn’t worried at first because it was slow loss until I found that pic of what she used to look like. Her leaf loss has sped up. She looked like dis two-three months ish ago (she’s on the far right. And could these three Sedum Adolphi’s look ANY different?? They’re all the same species).
Maybe I should just water her more?
@LittleSongbird they turn a teensy but yellower but not really. They mostly just shrivel right up
@SucculentGirl Do they look wrinkly when doing so?
This is one of the leaves that fell