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Basement plants? 😬
Alright #greggers I am finally starting to get my space in our basement planned out. My original plan was to have only faux plants here since I have no idea how often I'll be down there, it's florescent lighting (until we switch to LED), and there is almost no natural light.

But, as I'm looking at the space a little more I'm wondering about some pothos in the windows so they can vine down the walls. Grow lights are an option, but again, if I don't get down to this space for weeks I don't want to be running grow lights and not seeing my plants.

What are your thoughts? Anything else you'd try?

The properly sized photo is from last night so you can see the windows well, the one that I couldn't crop well is from this afternoon so you can see the amount of light they get.
#greghelp #happyplants (hopefully)

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Pothos in the windows would be so cool. Snake plants would be a good add. They don’t need much light or attention.
I mean if they're in Greg and you're getting watering reminders you won't forget about them. Then slowly it'll be worked into your routine to come check on them and soon you'll have a thriving basement escape.
@JThen I thought about snakes, but it is SO low light. That said, the photo looks pretty bright and I have some pups that could fit in the window if need be πŸ€”
@RJG Greg is the only reason I'm considering live plants now πŸ˜‚
@PlantMompy that's how we get you 🌚😎
@RJG some day it will be an oasis, but that day is many years off 😩

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