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How to support Mama Rexx?
Hi! My beautiful Begonia Rex, whom I have had for five months now, loves her spot and is thriving. Four of her leaves are as big as my hand. New leaves coming in all the time. I have a couple questions to keep her happy as she grows: 1) she is looking very leggy - the big leaves are on looong stems. Is this normal? She’s my first Rex 2) The biggest leaf, which has damage (like that when I got her, just a bit ripped but doesn’t seem to have any other issues), is drooping at the stem (not floppy, just too long I think) and will break soon I fear. Should I chop and prop or should I stake the plant? 3) Should I stake the rest of the plant? Do people regularly stake Rex begonias? #RexBegonia #BegoniaBunch
0ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
I don’t have much advice except to say that I stake my begonia or even prop them up on neighboring plants. It doesn’t hurt them.
@Vinxy2 cool that’s good to know thank you!
I'm glad you posted- I never thought about staking my Rex. My Rex is in a gallon pot now and is leggy and long and it has such big leaves!! It's hard to believe that it grew from a little, dying piece! Rex begonias are underrated- yours is beautiful!
I reckon a bamboo stake would help your Rex and would be really easy to add, good luck :)
I tend to not chop Rex, prefer to let them kind of tell me. So I’d prop it up too and wait to see what happens. It could be just that it’s winter and she’s saving all her energy for spring. Btw that is one huge leaf! πŸ˜‚πŸ€©
@MariansOasis they are so biiiiiig!!
4M ago
i have 2 of my taller begonias propped up and floral taped to stakes! it’s not harmful for the plant and would help to keep it looking nice and strong :)
@sarahsalith thank you!!!
@mora great thank you!!
I started using LECA with my begonias and peperomias and they seem to like it.

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