Posted 1M ago by @TheLonelyDaff

Plastic in ceramic?

Wondering what your thoughts are on a plastic pot inside a fancy ceramic pot (without drainage) rather than in the ceramic alone?
3ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
@TheLonelyDaff I think whatever you do you are going to want a pot with drainage. Best way to water most plants are by the bottom. Water and make sure they are not still standing in water. Causing root rot.
I think it makes the pots beautiful AND gives your plant drainage!

I have a few like that and I just make sure that I don't let water sit in the bottom of the ceramic pot (unless I want to make it self-watering for a specific plant).
I should have clarified the plastic has drainage but the ceramic does not so i lift the plastic to water from underneath.

I did throw a handful of grit under one to see of there is a difference waiting to report on that
I actually started doing this and I prefer it. I started using clear nursery pots with raised bottom drainage, then I place it in the decorative pots. I want the decor, but I use clear pots to see what’s going on, it helps me not over think things. I’ve also noticed the plant/soil/pot gets better drainage and I can bottom water using the cover pot.