Posted 9M ago by @Xxtabs

I’ve had my nerve plant for only a week and she looks horrible… help!!
1ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
How much sunlight is she getting? If it’s a new plant try to change the soil as the ones from plant shops are heavy in additives and my not be providing enough nutrients for her to flourish❤️❤️❤️ Good luck
@Skye123 it’s all indirect sunlight she gets
Is she in a warm place? Nerve plants come from warm climates so struggle in the colder temperatures.
In the growing season, you should water your nerve plant every 3-4 days, but let the soil dry out between each watering. In the Winter, once a fortnight should be enough. Nerve Plants don't like having wet feet so avoid letting them sit in water for prolonged periods of time.
Hope this helps
@Skye123 yes! But our heater was broken for a few days and I never even considered that. Could that be why she’s so droopy
Definitely could be the cause. Try to keep her warm and reduce watering as if it’s cold the water won’t evaporate as fast so she will need less
Is she getting enough humidity? They love it.

Cheat sheet:

Water : when 10-20% dry before leaves start to droop and look lifeless but if they get like that water immediately and they should perk right back up. Make sure to not let them do this too much because it might hurt them.

Humidity : high otherwise you'll get crispy edges

Heat: keep away from drafts and at a decently high heat (I'm at 22-24 C)

Light: medium to bright indirect light, too much will make them crinkle.

They're drama queens but once you get it's schedule down I'm sure it'll thrive.
Good luck!
@Mocchatea she was thirsty!!! I watered her and about 2-3 hours later she spruced up!!

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