Posted 3w ago by @user22d526dc

Her leaves are turning yellow and I am not sure why. Any suggestions?
Not an expert, don’t take my word for it but I’ve read that when plant’s leaves turn yellow it could be a sign of overwatering. Again, probably research a bit or see if anyone else comments. Hope this helped!
@HKMisawesome thank you!
@user22d526dc no problem, hope I helped!
I almost bought her cousin last night. Calathea’s are drama queens. Yellow is usually a sign of overwatering or not draining well. They have this short window for over/under watering.
@HpflHeart thank you. I was given a soil thermometer and I have been using that. But maybe I’m giving her too much water when it’s time to water her. On her next watering I will give her less water.

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