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I watered her a week ago and her soil is still pretty moi...

My marble queen was shipped to me over a little month ago. She had yellow leaves and then I cured her of the yellow leaves by repotting her and giving her a brighter spot. When I repotted her into a pot and made the mistake of not putting her in a clear plastic container . The pot has a drainage whole but does not allow me to see the roots. The plant has been doing beautifully! The last two days we haven’t had much sun. I checked on her yesterday and she was fine, then today I come in and I see this! I’m so confused! The leaves feel less strong. My other marble queen is also doing beautifully. #MarbleQueenPothos #HappyPlants #PothosPack #PothosWater #variegatedplants #MarbledPothos #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PLANTMAFIA #plantmom
1ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Check the roots, this just happened to my marble queen and she had root rot. I switched her to a self watering pot and she didn’t like it, was thriving but root bound in her previous pot. Each of my yellow leaves were the main starter leaf of each original clipping. She went from root bound to, β€œwhere are all the roots?” Just pull one stem up that has a yellow leaf and check her roots.

To me, the look of her leaves say it is water/drainage related. Maybe the drainage hole is blocked, maybe the ratio of soil changed, maybe she doesn’t need as much water in her new spot and couldn’t use it, or maybe the soil staying moist for this long encouraged fungus growth; all are possible, but she can still be saved!!
@EZLennyLance I was afraid it could be root rot. I think I will change her to a clear plastic pot to make sure I can check on her and that she’s getting good drainage. Thank you for your help!
flowergirl2222">@flowergirl2222 please update me, I’d love to see how you save her, I know you can.

If root rot isn’t yet the issue, and she’s borderline, I’m sure trimming the mushy roots (spraying with diluted hydrogen peroxide) and repotting her, will help her get healthy again.

I had to cut off all my plant’s roots and the mother plant’s original cutting too, because after trying to re propagate them in water, the stem of the original cutting just obliterated (thankfully the other growths had nodes to use, I was able to save more than I lost). I just replanted part of her this week, because some roots survived, now I’m just waiting for the others to root, so I can join them. Mine started as a 6” plant, graduated to a 10” because of her roots (she’d wrapped herself around the pot at least twice, and now she’s in a 3.5” pot and three propagation vases - poor thing! I’m determined she’s going to make it.

Good luck!! πŸ€πŸ’š
@EZLennyLance the roots seemed as bad as I thought actually
flowergirl2222">@flowergirl2222 dang it! How do the original cuttings look where the roots start?
@EZLennyLance I’ve let the Plant dry out I thin im going to repot her today in a better container
@EZLennyLance i attached a picture of the original cutting.
flowergirl2222">@flowergirl2222 , she looks a lot better, mine was so much worse and I’m so happy you caught yours earlier, good quick thinking! Before you pot her, I’d spray her with diluted hydrogen peroxide (4 parts water to 1 part 3%hydrogen peroxide) and a fungicide for good measure. When the soil has completely dried out, you can water her with that same solution to make sure no new fungus is growing in your soil.

I think you’ll be able to save her just fine, keep us posted and good luck!
flowergirl2222">@flowergirl2222 one last thing, I wouldn’t use the same soil she was in, there will be a fungus issue in the soil. I’d make her a fresh batch, throw in some extra perlite to keep air around her roots, and either throw away her old soil, or you can try sanitizing it.
@EZLennyLance thank you for all your help!
flowergirl2222">@flowergirl2222 of course, I was happy to help in any way. Please update us as she recovers.
@HumaneTorgrass here is the thread about root rot on a pothos and very similar symptoms.