Posted 1M ago by @CuddlyTomato

I last watered my Peace lily 6/4 and now it’s telling me ...

7” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
It’s definitely a glitch πŸ˜‚ I usually water mine every week depending on how the soil is.
Haha! Three months?! Sounds a lot like what goes on at my house sometimes. πŸ˜†

If you close out the app and reopen it, it should catch up. If it doesn't fix itself in a day or so, just delete the app and redownload it. Don't worry, Greg backs up everything.

I've had to delete and redownload the app before and it has always fixed the minor issues. (:
Peace lilies should be watered around once per week, and usually around one inch of water. You want to make sure the top layer of soil is always moist, and you can judge this by doing a finger test. You do not want to let the soil dry out for long periods, or your plant will suffer from underwatering