Posted 3w ago by @mirandaaplanet

it’s skins has been getting more and more wrinkly. what’s causing it? #HoyaHangout
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 6 hours ago
When mine did this it had mealy bugs.
@Ashleeann I don’t see any other signs of mealy bugs but it’s leaves are very crispy and about to fall off
@mirandaaplanet have you checked the roots?
@Ashleeann yup and gave the plant a rinse
@mirandaaplanet did some of the roots come off? It looks like there is some rot to me. Personally I would soak the roots in diluted peroxide (50/50) for ten minutes. Then I would put it just in water to see if the roots can recover.
@mirandaaplanet I agree with @Ashleeann about soaking the roots in this mixture. By the looks of the picture as well, your soil looks quite compact. Hoyas want extremely well draining soil, so I would add something into your substrate to ammend that (perlite or bark)
ok i’ll soak the roots and put it in water for a while thank you!!
I agree with @Ashleeann it looks like rot to me also..I hope it recovers with treatment suggested by Ashlee 😊

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