Posted 2w ago by @Madeleine214

Not sure what I want to do. any suggestions?

I have this white knight & I can't decide if I want to separate and put on moss poles ---
or if I want to separate them still but only stake them.

I absolutely love the leaf size it's already putting out- so I definitely want it to go up. However I was struggling to find content for the white knight is not as covered as the others it seems.. or maybe I just can't find itπŸ˜…- he came from a big box store.

SOOOOOOOO Please let me hear your suggestions/ advice/ tips!! (Also he needs an official name still) #WhiteKnightphilodendron #Philodendron #NewPlantMom #ADHDPLANTLOVERS #needadvice Thank you in advance πŸ₯°.
3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
I can add better pictures when I get home as well too! *
Oooh I say moss pole!

And for a name: Sir Lancelot!
The white knight is going to have similar care as the blushing philodendron (the main plant), the PPP, and other philos. (:

I agree with @RealSimpleMama - place a moss pole in there and let it climb! I'm a fan of a full pot so unless I'm giving away plants, I then to keep them together.

It's beautiful!!
I came back to say it's time! Wish me luck. Moss pole it is! I am going to try to keep it together. I'm not sure about the back part though. (Also he is turning green πŸ˜”) Not enough light maybe? πŸ€” @sarahsalith @RealSimpleMama