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How do you propagate this plant?

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@CaringPinetree hi Mama and Welcome to Greg!

Kalanchoe are usually propagated from stem cuttings or offsets (little baby plants that grow from the base of the mother plant). If you want to try a stem cutting, cut off a piece of stem with at least two sets of leaves on it. Cut it just below the last node (where the leaves grow out from the stem) and remove the bottom set of leaves. Dip the cut end into some rooting hormone (honey is a great natural alternative) and stick it into some moist soil. Keep the soil just kinda damp but not wet. Within a couple weeks or so you should have roots growing! You'll know if you do if you start seeing new growth from the top of the cutting.

Hope this helps and Good Luck šŸ€
kalanchoes are super easy to prop! iā€™d personally wait for the plant to get a bit bigger first but you can choose a stem, cut it about halfway, let it callous over and stick it in the soil next to the mother plant. it should root, and you can care for the plant as normal