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Is my Monstera going to be okay?

I am worried that I overwatered my Monstera, yet I am afraid of disturbing it.

Last I watered it was on May 9th and the top soil is still somewhat moist to touch. It is not wet.

New growth had limp leaves with mushy ends, so I cut those and let my monstera rest.

Two small branches also looked mushy.

However, the rest of the plant looks somewhat alright still. Should I repot? What should I do?

(It is under a grow light for 12 hours, with occasional humidifier running.) #Monstera
3ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Beautiful Monstera 😍

Ive learned that these guys do better with normal humidity! Mine started getting unhappy and browning when it was too close to the humidifier. I’d start with move it away from the humidifier & see if it perks up!

I initially read that they like higher humidity but in my experience a 50-55% humidity will do just fine 😊

Hope this helps and best of luck 🫢🏻
1M ago
Monstera Deliciosa does well in normal household humidity. Your leaves are probably failing to unfurl completely & or are missing parts because of low light. It's pretty, & the rest looks nice. I thought I had neglected mine to the point of no return. Yours looks great!
@elisenavidad thank you! β™₯️