Posted 1M ago by @AceFrithia

Any one know why my Dottie is curling up on me. I have a Dolly doing the same but she’s not as bad as Dottie
2ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 21 hours ago
They didn’t tolerate overwatering, I have bad experience with Calatheas until I start watering them ones every 8-10 days.
They are much better now
I was told they didn’t need alot of light for there isn’t much down on the floor of the rainforest. So I think they might need more than what some say. So being out on the patio today they want get indirect light but humidity and brightness.
Do you mist them often?
@Nailya they are beautiful
@AceFrithia my Humidifier works all day , I turn it off late in the evening. They are getting indirect light for about 6 hours
Humidifier is in middle of my greenhouse
And those are on the other side of the humidifier

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