Posted 2w ago by @HolyKingfern

What could possibly be going on with my FLo? A fe of her leaves are yellowing! She's by a window although my apt doesn't get very much sunlight throughout the day. I also have lights that I use.
Mine does that sometimes when she gets too much water. Is the soil soggy?
I agree, looks like inconsistent watering, most likely overwatering. If the soil is moist, let it dry out until about 2”-3” down and water again! It could also be due to underwatering, I say this because one of the yellow leaves look to have brown, crispy spots? The rest of the leaves look healthy so I’d suggest removing the yellowing leaves.
Honestly the soil isn't soggy at all. I'm new to this whole plant life thing and I feel like such a failure at times and other times I think to myself I can now call myself a plant mom.
@HolyKingfern I can completely relate, and I’m sure everyone else does too! Is it dry? Try feeling 2-3” down
@stryker49 yes it could use some πŸ’§

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