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End all be all plant question
I’ve decided I really want a variegated Monstera and the best way to do it is I’m gonna take money from every paycheck I get and come December I’ll have enough to get a good sized plant with a few leafs, basically a Christmas present to myself 😊🫣 buttt here’s my question…. Are you Team Thai or Team Albo?! I can’t decide they’re both so beautiful soooo in the comments I’ll have a comment for both, like whichever you prefer!!! Leave a comment to defend your side! I wanna hear how Greg feels!!! #MonsteraMob #Monstera #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #MonsteraAlbo #ThaiConstellationMonstera #GregGang #GregFeedback #NewGrowth #PlantTherapy #plantmommo #NKYGregGroup #debate
I think the albo white is prettier for sure. But the Thai seems to be the stronger of the 2. But beauty over Braun anyday πŸ’šπŸ€πŸ€
I like both but I like the white of the albo a bit better than the cream/yellow of the Thai
I'm leaning towards what @PlantingDad said. I have an Albo. I have a Thai on the way (coming from Thailand). The Albo is pretty and it grows faster than I was told it would BUT the white parts have a tendency to brown. You've got to get it just right.

I am imagining that the Thai won't have as much of that issue because it's more yellow than white and more spotted instead of the larger variegated spots.

Ask me again in a month or two when my Thai has had a chance to finally bust out of customs and become acclimated to its new spot. (: You have lots of time to decide on your Christmas present! πŸ’š
Thai constellation baby.
With a Thai C there's less risk it will revert. I personally really like all the different shades you get in a Thai C but the albos, especially half moons, are very striking.
I added a picture of my Thai C because I love it haha
@tattedscientist I’ve never seen that much variegation in a Thai before! It’s so beautiful, youre making my choose very hard with that pic 🀣🀣
@Mrgncrch I saw that leaf and was instantly in love 😍
This is definitely the million dollar question! I couldn’t decide either so I got a cutting of an Albo in a local group then got lucky and got a baby ThaiC from the same group, that solved my problem!!!
@Roserade Both are so beautiful 🀩 you def got lucky!!
@Roserade that sounds like the most reasonable solution to me. Get both.
I love both and eventually want to own both haha. But the albo gives me anxiety just thinking about it. White leaves will turn brown if you don’t have enough light. So you’ll probably need lights during winter to keep them looking their best. Thai on the other hand grow slower but are much more resilient, they don’t brown like albos and their variegation is totally stable.
I think in the long run Thai con are the smart choice. Albos will always be coveted though because they are rarer and harder to maintain. If you have lots of artificial lights and good humidity though choose an albo. If you just have windows choose a tc
I dont hav both yet. But im eyeing the thai
@Mrgncrch that one will always remain on my wish list forever. I agree with @sarahsalith on the Thai.
@KikiGoldblatt yes! I’ve been looking at her on Etsy if I get a Thai I’m definitely ordering from her, Her plants and reviews look amazing
Thai or both.
@tattedscientist I’d show mine off if I had one. Beautiful 🀩
Thai 😍😍😍
@tattedscientist I agree with this comment! My Albo grew a new leaf…. All green, not a single speck of white on it ☹️ but my two Thai babies are sooooooo pretty 🀩
My two Thai con babies 😍 they are only 2-3” so far but so much variation on the little leaves so far.

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