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Hey guys!
Thought this would be fun, what’s your alls current favorite plant(s) in your collection and why?😊 I’ll go first! My Neon Pothos has been so pretty lately the foliage color is so beautiful, My string of hearts has been an INSANE grower it’s absolutely loving the grow light, and my new philodendron because it’s new and I’m still in awe 🀭🀣 #plantmommo #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NKYGregGroup #GregGang #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #NeonPothos #StringOfHearts #PhiloFlock #Philodendron #PlantTherapy
My rubber trees will always be my favorite! I keep adding new varieties but my biggest/oldest will probably always have spot number one! My hoyas are my second place. I grew my collection by a LOT this year and just put them all in windows to sun stress so I'm excited to watch them all!
My curly locks orchid cactus has its first new growth. I rescued it and it was in pretty bad shape, so to see the turn around and signs of thriving have been a real boost for me lately. πŸ–€
My favorite plant is my African Milk Bush. She is two feet tall and just keeps growing. My other favorite is my Star Fish Snake plant. She keeps giving me babies. πŸ₯°
I just got micans a few weeks ago and they are soooo frickin pretty. I'm waiting for some supplies to make them semi-hydro and staked so they can get big. Same for a Hoya krimson queen I rescued from Lowes.
Take your pick πŸ₯°
@Mrgncrch my silver sword and Golden Pothos πŸ’šπŸ₯°
My Hoyas. Splashy Hoyas make my heart whole.
@RJG That climbing hoya kerii thoβ€¦πŸ«£
@yasplants ITS BEAUTIFUL
@PlantEsteem do you see @RJG pic, that whale fin in the corner!!!
Yes!!! I see now!!! Oooooo......very nice!! @Mrgncrch🀩🀩
@PlantEsteem there are two back there and one has a pup.

And there are two Hoyas kerrii in there
@RJG That hoya is definitely top on my wishlist yours and @KikiGoldblatt have definitely sold me on it 😊
@RJG you lucky duck!! 🀩🀣
@RJG @Mrgncrch mine is a sweetheart Hoya. I have to get to trellis for mine again.
I'm scared if I say, the others will die of jealousy or spite.
@LatiTish84 I love them❀️, I’m so sad my large golden died πŸ₯Ί
@discreetwildyam Oooo both are on my wishlist!!
@Pegster I love the starfish!! I have a small cutting of an African Milk Bush I love them!
@malobee I’ve never seen one of those before!!
@Mrgncrch Sorry it was Home Depot! They had a ton of hoyas, and they didn't look bad at all. The krimson queen I got has 3 long stems and great variegation. For $12!!! Go. Go right now.
@discreetwildyam I have no Home Depot πŸ₯²πŸ˜‚
@Mrgncrch I'm calling corporate.
@discreetwildyam AGHH 🀣
My philo campos, hoya sunrise, aglaonema pink dalmatian

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