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What is the problem?😒
Question, is the stem soft or mushy when you slightly squeeze it?

If the stem of your Dracaena is becoming soft, this indicates that the plant is infected with a fungal disease. This is especially true if the stem is damp all the way up the stem’s entire length.

Most of the time, fungal diseases invading otherwise healthy plants are brought on by excessive watering.

Some varieties of Dracaena require bright, indirect light to thrive. Allow the soil to completely dry out between waterings to keep them healthy.
It’s not soft. It has healthy leaves and roots. I’m really confused about watering. App recommends water it every 12-13 days. Can be underwatering?
Your plant looks healthy, as a whole, but it may be that it needs a little bit more indirect bright light.

I’ll usually water mine every 13-14 days :)
@kscape thanks:) I hope it ll be okay.
@EntirelyViszsla @kscape she has some great ideas. Every time I’ve seen @kscape post she always has amazing ideas and is a great help.

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