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This plant is in terrible shape. Recommendations? Can it ...

1ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Maybe a pic of the pot. How tall is it. When did this start? We need more info. You will have to take off all old leaves but you will have to stay taking care of it and water. Because it looks like it was neglected. Most plants can make a come back. It's better to under water than over.
Welcome to Gregs Michelle! I’m sorry your Cornstalk Dracaena is showing signs of stress. ☹️
▫️ Yes, try to propagate your plant. Dracaena are resilient. There is always a chance it can make a come back. This article will give you 6 ways to save a dying Dracaena plant.
▫️ But before you propagate, check your plant for pests and diseases, because they’re contagious and it can infect the other plants in your oasis. So, quarantine this plant as a precaution. And only propagate the healthy section on the plant. Use sterilize scissors to cut or remove any damaged leaves.
▫️I may be wrong, (because your plant’s picture is not clear when its enlarged), but it looks like some white stuff is on your plant’s leaves. If you see powdery white or gray spots on the leaves or stem, it’s powdery mildew. Or if you see a small white fuzzy bugs called mealy bugs, clean your leaves. You can blast mealy bugs off with water and then spray the leaves with neem oil (or any fungicide).
▫️Don’t repot it in a larger pot, because if its pot is too big it will continue to deteriorate. Especially, if its been overwatered, then its roots are rotting or getting smaller. So, a larger pot may not be a good idea.
πŸ’§Did you know that all Dracaena are sensitive to the chemicals in tap water and that could be one of the many reasons its leaves are turning brown. So, never water it with tap water.
πŸ™ I hope your plant will make a speedy recovery. Good luck.