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Hello can I ask what is the issue here with my Crassula G...

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Usually gollum wrinkling indicate that they need a drink. In this case, if they were watered a month ago, they prolly really need water now. I will say that because all of them look wrinkled, it’s prolly that they need water rn! However, if the water is falling through the pot, your roots are not absorbing anything and your plant is likely root bound and needs to be repotted ☺️
Looks like it's underwatered to me. With you watering every 2 weeks makes me think it's either an issue with the roots or soil. How hard is your soil, does it stay moist for a few days or does it seem like the water just runs through? If the soil stays moist then I would move on to checking the roots. If it just runs through then your soil is hydrophobic so you need to soak the soil to rehydrate it as it currently holds no water.
@GnarlyJacaranda I would say also need more frequent water but I had experience before that similar look indicated overwatering :)
@Goldenquetzal soil is made for suculents (with sand and easy to runs through). Maybe just rehydrate like you mentioned
Thank you very much for feedback :)
As stated, this is definitely severely dehydrated. How are you watering it? Give that baby a good DUNK into some water and let it soak for a few minutes when you water it. I’m a big fan of sitting them in a tub of water and letting them soak + pouring water carefully into the top of the soil to be sure it’s thoroughly saturated. These should look super plump. 2 weeks should ideally be a fine length of time in between waterings (for reference, I water my gollum who is about the size of yours every 2-3 weeks) as long as you’re giving it a ton of water during its watering session, unless the roots are bad for some reason and they aren’t sucking up water like they should 🤔. Try really drenching it, and if it doesn’t get any better then take it out the soil to look at the roots!

Overwatered would be falling apart, discolored, squishy, and/or rotted.
It needs some water. Also, I’d not recommend to keep golum under direct sun for a long time. It makes them unhappy