Posted 3M ago by @Linx

Brown spots under the leafs? Can anyone help me find out ...

10ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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@Linx set him on the counter and let him dry. No paper towel since it will soak up the water and stay wet rather than do it any good. You can also carefully remove the wet medium and let it sit out for a few days to help it stop absorbing moisture from the wet parts. If you take it down to the roots, you can leave it out of any medium to give it a standing chance of survival. Repot in a liner with holes at the bottom and make sure it is fast draining so this doesn’t happen again.
It may be getting too much water or the soil isn’t drying out enough. Browning edges means there’s not enough aeration and the medium could be retaining too much moisture. What kind of soil is it in and how do you water it?
@AnthuriumQueen I got him as a gift today, maybe a soil change would make him happier πŸ€”
The soil is a little moist when I stick my finger in a little bit, so it might also just be overwatered, I'll try and look at the roots later and if they look okay, then let him dry up for a couple of weeks??
Thank you for the reply!
@AnthuriumQueen okay, checked the roots, he looks okay, but the soil is def. Moist, so would it be wise to leave a piece of paper under the pot for the night or should he just be left to dry on his own? πŸ™‚
@Linx do not rewatef until 1.5 weeks have passed. Make sure the soil is dry at the bottom of the pot by checking the holes. If you don’t have moisture, give it another day and water. Your leaf won’t fully recover but you should see it trying to recover over the next few weeks. Refrain from drowning it in water since it’s already been a touch overwatered. You may lose a few leaves but it’s normal since you’re in the intake part of welcoming your plant to your oasis. Best of luck!