Posted 3w ago by @LargeCacaotree

My wax plant is STRUGGLING!

What am I doing wrong? It’s kept 1.5 feet away from a window. I open it every morning and it gets about 6 hours of light. Watering once a week like the app suggested. Need advice!
7ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I've never had this exact plant. A couple of my plants that I used to have would get that way if I didn't water it enough. Maybe try watering twice a week at least.
I think the leaves are scorched. Waxplants prefer indirect bright light, and will crisp and burn when the leaves get direct sunlight. I would either move the plant a little further from the window or to the side of the window if possible. The bad news is that the burnt leaves won't recover. But the good news is that roots should still be good and with all that sunlight, have the energy to send out new growth. It's really tempting after sun damage to try to compensate but giving the plant more water, but this can lead to overwatering. You might find it easier to focus on the soil during the recovery period as the plant might need less water due to the smaller mass. Specifically, feel to ensure that the top layer is dry before watering. Sometimes this means that you'll hit snooze on a Greg watering notification, and that's OK. Greg will begin to adjust if a new pattern forms. Hope this helps and good luck!