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Can someone tell me the purpose and correct way to use neem oil?
It depends on how you get it. It can be purchased ready to use or to be diluted. Once diluted it’s only good for a few hours, check the bottle label! Spray in the evening to avoid sunburn. It’s good as anti fungal and for pests like aphids but avoid using on plants like milkweed that monarch larvae feed on since they will be susceptible to it as well.
WARNING: this is MY personal opinion.

I think neem oil is overrated. I recommend a good insecticidal soap. There is Captain Jack's and I personally use Natria. 

A good insecticidal soap can be use daily, on almost any plant.  Neem oil has many restrictions and can be dangerous in the wrong hands.
Do you already have it? Neem is one of those products a lot of plant parents have on hand for cleaning plants or getting rid of pests. You have to be super careful with it and dilute it and keep the plant away from the sun cause it can literally burn your leaves.
I’ve never used neem for any of my plants because I’ve found that soapy water works or other soaps. Oil is harder to work with than other soaps and cleaners out there. If you do use it though, follow the instructions careful about the dilutions and how often to use it!

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