Posted 3w ago by @Bitterswet

Whats up with cilantro?
Are the seeds ready to be cut? Why are some of the flowers turning brown? Even flowers that have not bloomed yet are turning brown? Also is my plant only gonna grow flowers from now on? I haven’t seen any edible cilantro stems in a while? Sorry for the butt load of questions
From what I know, cilantro flowers towards the end of its useful cycle. It may be time to start some new seeds!
I’ve never grown cilantro, but I know that you should cut off the blooms of herbs to preserve their rich flavor. They’re probably turning brown naturally as they die. I think as deadhead the blooms your cilantro will start growing actual cilantro leaves again. Sorry for the late reply I never hit send 🤦🏽‍♀️

edit: take Drew’s advice! I am not a plant expert 😂

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