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Can you propagate Norfolk pine from stem cuttings?
I inherited a large Norfolk Island Pine with a fair amount of brown on some boughs, especially near the trunk. She's happy and healthy now, but I know the brown parts are dead. Can I trim these boughs and propagate the clippings? Or are my options to trim them and alter the overall shape, or just leave them on there and say they add character? Thanks πŸ™πŸΌ #BigEasyPlantKrewe
No, you cannot. The brown stems are dead. ):
@sarahsalith yes I know the brown is dead. My question is if I can propagate the green tips of the branches that have brown near the trunk.
@userd779e61f sorry- I understand now. Sadly? They are just going to die if that stem is dead.

I'm pretty sure the one circled in red is no good. The green is turning grey.

The one circled in green may just be losing the needles; it still looks okay at the tip.
If you want to get drastic, you can cut the top off and force the growth down and allow it a chance to regrow.

It looks like just the uppermost part started to suffer.
@sarahsalith the top is actually all new growth. That's why I'm hesitant to chop it all off to try to salvage anything - the top is healthy and growing!
@userd779e61f that sounds very promising. Maybe in a few years, it'll look full and even more amazing!

I would like to have mine grow tall enough to sit under. I think that would be nice.
@sarahsalith that sounds amazing 😍 I hope that happens for you!

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