Posted 2w ago by @Joc.ibar22

Bought plant with these brown spots and cut off one leaf and now more leafs are getting spots…any suggestions? #SnakePlant
8” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
Was the soil wet when you bought it if so it might have a bit of root rot
I agree with @GardeningDiva this looks like a fungal issue most likely from root rot. My advise would be to take it out of the pot, remove the soft mushy rotted roots and repot in clean dry pre moistened soil. Refrained from watering for a few days after. Cut off and prop effected leaves. Good Luck.
Brown spots on snake plants can be caused by fungal disease and underwatering. Plant stress due to moisture, light, humidity, pH, and fertilizer problems can lead to brown spots and leaf tip discoloration in sansevieria plants. If not taken care of early enough, this symptom can lead to the death of the plant.
@GardeningDiva Welcome to Greg. I agree with @Stall54Jo on this. I propped my snake plant and it did very well. Some prop in water and some in soil. I did mine in soil but you have to keep an eye on the moisture level. I was able to with my moisture meter. Now I have babies growing in with it after months of just having the props.
So glad I saw this post, one of mine is the same so I'll be pulling her out today!
Now I gotta go check mine. I’ve been eyeballing a spot on it. It hasn’t gotten bigger but I’m going to remove it just in case

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