Posted 1Y ago by @KonaKB

Just got this beautiful boy yesterday! Very big leaves but small pot. Should I repot?
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 11 months ago
Since you can't see if they are coming out the bottom, I'd just pop it out and take a look! Since you just got it yesterday, you could wait a week or two just to see what happens when you water if you're not comfortable taking it out to check. Usually you can tell pretty quickly based on what the water does
@PlantMompy Thank you so much! 🌿
@KonaKB @PlantMompy is correct.
How are you making out with this plant? I just brought one home after eyeing it forever and am worried I’m setting myself up for some drama. Any tips you can share are much appreciated!
@lemrobs Hi, Pat is doing ok. Lost one leaf and I’m not sure why. But since then has been doing fine. Other leaves look fine. I just keep an eye on the watering. He is beautiful and one of my favorites. Good luck with yours πŸͺ΄. Send a pic.
@KonaKB thank you! Glad to hear it. They really are gorgeous. So you don’t do anything special with the humidity? That’s what I’m most nervous about.
@lemrobs so pretty πŸͺ΄
@lemrobs no I don’t do anything special. He’s been doing fine 🀞