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My plant is being weird (with one leaf?)
My cylindrical snake plant is ummmm well, one leaf/post is soft, and very moist/rotten? (Ps: new fancy pot is temporary)
2ft to light, direct
6” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
Best Answer
Agreed with @Horve1 the leaf looks to be a goner but the rest of the plant looks great! Also agreed with @Planthippie00 to pluck that leaf as it's sucking energy.

If the new pot is temporary, I'd repot it while still in growing season as to avoid so much shock. Snakes do like terracotta pots or something similar that's porous which can prevent overwatering. Also snakes love bottom watering 😊
I would try a pot with good drainage, succulent soil, good light to keep the rest good. And while you are repotting, very gently separate that part from the rest. I don’t think there’s anything you can do for that. Good luck!
Make sure to remove the dead leaf so the plant don’t wast its energy trying to save it and it will keep growing

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