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Black leaves on my rattlesnake. I think it’s fertilizer b...

I always had issues with Suzy Q putting out quality leaves. I ordered her online before I knew how to shop for plants online. I kept her in her nursery her entire time here because she was soo small when she arrived. I think it’s time to officially repot. I had to trim the oldest leaves because it looked like her energy had shifted away from them. These black leaves look like original older leaves based on their size profiles. She is putting out new leaves and healthier than normal ones. I believe I used liquid fertilizer two weeks ago however. Her orchid bark leaves do show signs of white dust like salt. My hypothesis is she’s retiring old leaves but fertilizer and salt build up may be a concern. Repotting soon and any advice, opinion, or thoughts are welcomed. She gets weekly essential oils, bimonthly Neem oil with peppermint oil , and was once given cinnamon to check for fungus when she first arrived with weirdly stained leaves. #theamigos #CalatheaCrew #Calathea #RattlesnakePlant
10ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
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Haha! They can be dramatic plants. (:

If it's just a leaf here or there, I'd leaf it alone. The other leave look great!

If it keeps doing that, maybe inch it a little closer to the window.
How close is your rattle snake plant to the sunlight? I keep mine in an east-facing window ... and if I would be proactive instead of lazy, I'd water mine with fishtank water instead of running it under the shower. 🫠

But I think perhaps it looks like it's not getting enough sunlight.
@sarahsalith it’s two and a half feet from a South facing window…
@sarahsalith the sun has been absent for a few days but she’s also growing more leaves. So I’m not sure if I should be concerned but want to crowd source for learning. I put her on the window seal every other few days. The sun has been sporadic for the past two weeks… I’m wondering if I should just open my grow lights I don’t want to use 😂
Following this. You have same concern I have today with mine.
@sarahsalith I water mine with my Larq filtered water pitcher… soo water is super clean… she’s just been finicky but the absent sun could be it. Scared to repot and then she flops! Hahahahaha
@FieryOrchid76 what is weird because the two affected are not remotely close to each other.
@sarahsalith the drama… It’s like she lives for it.
@PlantJedi Mine are the same way. I have 3 affected. It arrived that way and I was told it's normal. I don't believe it is though.
@FieryOrchid76 do you have some pictures, Heather?
@sarahsalith I do not.
I just had to leave town.
If my daughter is nearby the house tonight I'll ask her to get a few photos. But I believe she is working late.
I should have thought if that before I left, but it was sudden.
So I don’t know if these fall into the same diva qualifications as the prayer plant (I know they’re all under the calathea family) but mine can’t even tolerate filtered water which, my RO literally has 4 TDS ppm. I have to use distilled water. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just throwing that out there in case.
@TheOddAsity yeah, it’s why I switched from filtered to the Larq… ohhhh that would explain the healthier new leaves. Those are the old leaves that were getting normal filtered water. The Larq brings water extremely close to distilled level. Without the hassle of having to consistently buy distilled.
@PlantJedi that’s so good to know! I didn’t know about the Larq being that close. So good to know! So yeah, maybe they’re just old leaves the plant doesn’t need any more
@TheOddAsity I think you are on to something about the water though. They came to me a little messy but never thought about the water because none of my other plants ever complained lol… explains why she boomed once I switched to the Larq. I have a great maintenance routine soo it’s probably what helped as well! I think my spiderweb begonia needs distilled as well. She was happy at first and now she seems a lil unhappy.
@PlantJedi my Rattles arrived in poor shape in February with brown edging around a lot of leaves and no leaf luster, I cleaned and leaf shined the leaves just once after arrival and just re-potted him when I re-potted Bella just over a week ago with the Fox Farms soil and the orchid bark and a bit more perlite that you suggested for Bella since that soil has perlite already, he is spurting new leaves since daily and the older leaves are just getting more brown around the edges still and one small bottom leaf yellowing, I think from the adjustment to new soil, the browning edges of the older leaves I think is giving way for the energy of the new growth perhaps on mine. I think he’s happy though to have more space to grow. I hope this helps for the decision to try and re-pot if you decide to.
@PlantJedi my pics never uploaded so here they are I’m outside working and this happens from time to time
@PlantJedi this may be a better photo of her before the re-pot
@SensationalKoa Yeahhhhh, that’s exactly how mine is behaving. Leaves are bigger each time now… paranoia averted. @TheOddAsity distilled water, @sarahsalith closer to the light…! Thanks ladies! I appreciate the comments!