Posted 2Y ago by @TreeOfLife

What’s the problem with my rubber plant? Leaves at the bo...

8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
I think that’s probably as they are the oldest leaves but have a look at the soil and the base of the cover pot to see if there’s water sitting at the bottom and just make sure the soil is not staying to moist.
They drop from overwatering. Rubber plants can keep pretty much all their leaves and they only drop them if something is going on.

Check what @Gordo said about the bottom of the pot. Let your soil dry well between waterings. The first inch or so should be dry before you water again.
I let mine dry out a bit the water thouroughly and evenly. Make sure its not in the path of a draft as well. Raise the humidity either with a pepple tray or misting periodically.
I had the exact same issue! My rubber plant suddenly dropped all of its leaves within a week. Luckily a new shoot has emerged with a few leaves already, and the tip of the original plant is starting to grow new leaves as well :)

I'll look into some better drainage and maybe water it less
@Gordo, the soil is a little moist, but no water sitting at the bottom of the plant pot. Yes, I hope they are just the oldest leaves. Thank you for the advice!
@sarahsalith Thank you! I may be watering too early as the top soil wasn't very dry.
@Stall54Jo thank you for the good tips! The top soil wasn't very dry when I watered. I put it next to the north side window. That may be too dark for it.
@BeckysBabies thank for sharing! I’ll keep an eye on drainage and top soil before and after watering.
@TreeOfLife yeah unless you live somewhere sunny a north window is insufficient light for these guys, unless supported with a grow light
@ivysaur thank you!
@Gordo yes, you are right, They were the oldest leaves. After 16 days, no more yellow, brown or loss of leaves...only problem is fungus gnats. I have tried ground cinnamon, neem oil, and Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, but gnats are still flying around. Any treatment suggestions?
@TreeOfLife I’m glad the leaves have stopped dropping. For fungus gnat treatments he can do a couple of things. First off you can use the yellow sticky traps that will help reduce the adults which will hopefully overtime stop the breeding. fungus gnats like to live in moist soil so maybe try to let the top dry out a little bit further before watering in tri bottom watering for a little bit so the top stays a little dryer. The other thing you can do it you can get a product called mosquito bits that kills the fungus gnats as well.οΏΌ
@Gordo thank you for suggestion and care tips! I ordered yellow traps and mosquito bits that should be delivered tomorrow. I’ll update the results later. I heard that mosquito bits tea should work. Now the top soil is still moist. I wonder if I should wait next watering schedule for the tea. Or watering right away once my tea is ready to use. Any advices?
@TreeOfLife maybe wait till next watering. Sounds like you have a great plan in place.