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What is the best spot for my #ChineseMoneyPlant?
Hey #GregGang!

So I got my money plant in late December and I thought I was going to get the cute little round ufo plant I see everywhere….but no, I received something different lol! Fast forward to now and and although she’s not the cutest, she is pushing out new leaves and even has 2 pups growing!

My question is where does your money plant reside? Mine is in a south facing window sill and the the newest stems are red/brown. I’ve read this is from too much sun but also normal for new stems/leaves. What are your experiences?

Should I move her to an east facing window sill instead?

The first pic is how I received her and the second is her red/brown stems now!

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6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
She’s so cute! I want one of these sooo bad but haven’t found them in Vegas yet.
Hmmmm……. I’m counting 8 original leaves and like 15 now so that is certainly great growth!!! When I rescued mine it was seriously light deficient so it’s in a South window but I’m in New York. Being in Florida that might be a tad to much for yours. Some morning or afternoon light wouldn’t hurt but all day could be to much. It will eventually grow a stem in the center giving you the ufo 🛸 you desire.
@Jilliebeanstalk and that is that 4 original leaves fell off! So yes she has definitely had new growth and obviously likes the spot she’s in, but I’m just wondering if those reddish stems are normal or a sign of sunburn?
And her little stem has grown too! I know eventually the lower leaves will fall off so it’s just a waiting period and with all living things including humans I think her babies will be cuter than her lol 🛸 🥰 🌱
@UrKillinMeSMLZ thank you! She’s getting there lol 🥰 I got her online so that’s probably why she wasn’t in the best shape. I would love to go and pick one out in person!
I get red stems on new growth, like on these pups mine spun off. The more established leaf stems turn green.
I’ve experimented with placement for my money plant and had issues with sunburn, but yours doesn’t look like too much light to me. When mine got sunburned the leaves were reddish, not just the stems.
I had one of mine on the windowsill of a south facing window in Southern California and it was definitely too intense for it!
@FreshWidow @Colin thanks for the reassurance guys! @Colin she does have a tiny red leaf but its the newest one that is unfurling, upon researching more it’s because of the Anthocyanin protecting the new leaf from environmental stress! 💪🏼 💥 I suppose if the older leaves were turning red then I’d have something to worry about! I’ll keep it where it is for now 🥰
@babyfiretiger13 I just checked mine and the newest stems are reddish so I think it’s normal, they definitely green up.
@Jilliebeanstalk mine are definitely a deeper red/brown and the tiniest leaf is about halfway unfurled and has been that way for a few days and is dark red too. I see that your baby leaves are green! Besides that…omg 🤩 your plant is definitely goals! Soooo cute!! 🥰🥰🥰
@Jilliebeanstalk this is the newest leaf. Notice the dark color?
@babyfiretiger13 thank you. I convinced the hardware store owner to give it to me so I can rehab it. It was almost ALL yellow at the store and she was closing for good in a few days. It looks greener I. The photo than it was irl.
@Jilliebeanstalk Wow she is definitely giving glow up!!! Looks so good! Great job 👍🏼 ✨
@babyfiretiger13 thank you. She’s my first one, been researching a lot so I don’t mess it up.
I think it looks good and likes her spot. Mine is in an east window in Iowa and loves the morning light. 😊
@Katy410 aww thank you! ☺️ I just moved mine to an east facing window sill since the tiniest leaf is so dark and hasn’t unfurled in a few days. Hoping this change will help!

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